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Some Balancing Issues.  Empty Some Balancing Issues.

Post by Johnathan Belmont on Wed 25 Jan - 2:41

It has recently come to our attention that some people are thinking the older players are unfairly powerful, and its easy to see why. Due to the influx of points and the addition of double lotto boxes and triple lotto boxes, characters have become powerhouses. To combat this, a few changes have been made.

1. Points will no longer be given out in such great amounts for events. They will still be a prize, but the amount will be lessened greatly.

2. Lotto boxes have had a few price variations. Single Boxes are still priced at 50, Double Boxes are now 250, and Triple are now 500. Also, if you wish to pay 250 more onto any box, you can say a number between 1 and 100. Then a 100 sided dice will be rolled. If you are within 20 points of the roll, your entire box can be re-rolled. This makes the maximum price for a lotto box 750

3. A lot of the admin characters have rethought their plans, and have sold a lot of the useless, overpowered junk they have acquired. Yes, this gives them an insane amount of points, but admins will now spend it fairly.

4. Dracula is being sealed via an rp topic to make his character a lot more fair in battle. He will still exist, but he wont be as ridiculously overpowered.

5. We are changing the events a bit. The attendance Event is ending today, making January 25th the last day. We are also cancelling the quiz Event, and only holding a tourney every 2 months instead of every month.

We hope this helps even things out.


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