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Post by Pion Laversti on Wed 25 Jan - 2:50

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I'm Pion Laversti, and I know absolutely NOTHING about Castlevania. But did that stop me? Well, nope, I'm still here, aren't I?

You see, this forum's world is based off of the Castlevania series of games, but it's not Castlevania itself. I mean, how hard would it be to roleplay a sidescrolling RPG-type thing? Very! So we've taken a little bit of leeway, by adding a third dimension to movement, and, well, having the story started, but no definite finish. It could go either way, it could go to the Circle of Evil's side, it could turn out more in The Belmont Clan's favour, or they might both annihilate each other, who knows! C'mon, try to nudge the story towards your good ending!

But anyway, sadly there are a few rules to things.

Y'see, if we all let everyone do what they want, Dracula would have woken without being stiff from twenty years' sleep, the world would have been covered by darkness since he ain't a fan of sunlight, all people would become vampires, there'd be demons everywhere, and well that would be that. No fun in that, right? Yeah. Thought so. So we'll have to make everyone hold themselves back a little bit to just make it more fun for everyone. Because, well, without limits, it just turns into a "My character can do X, Y, Z, QWERTY because blah-de-blah-de-blah" and then that gets rebutted with "No you can't do any of that because of this, that and the other."
That's just not fun. So we screen characters. Make sure they're balanced, as well as fit the continuity, because a Cthulhu-esque robot alien from a distant galaxy in the year 50XX travelling to earth to support Dracula's endeavours just sounds, and is, a little bit VERY silly. So we screen your characters! Well, everything about them, their backstory, their abilities, pets, equipment, you name it, we try to screen it. And we don't like people being all sneakysneaky about things, so if you sneak things past us that could be abused to make you instantly kill everything in a 100m radius, or read the mind of the people you can't see, well, we'll have to restrict you on that! Oh, and less-severe cases too that'd give you an unfair advantage over others.
Also sucker punches are frownyfaced at by basilisks, well, not literal sucker punches, they're fine. But you suddenly going "Oh yeah I can do that too," when using something that nobody else knew about, because you either omitted it from the application or made it up on the spot, usually leads to a curbstomp. And I don't like curbstomps.

Inventory and stuff. :T

Indebted to Death, souls left : 698. Time left : ~ 3 months, 1 week, 3 days

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CONSTITUTION : 32 ( 52 )
DEXTERITY : 21 ( 11 )
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