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Post by Pion Laversti on Wed 25 Jan - 4:36

Well now! Fighting's a big part of this forum, I'm quite partial to a good scrap myself. But there must be rules because people will inevitably quarrel over things, and people will abuse things. All sorts of stuff can and will go wrong if everyone just hacked at one another higgledy-piggledy there'd be arguments about what was able to happen and what wasn't. So, there's a few rules.
(Some of these examples are barmy but I wrote them after about 38 hours of sleeplessness.)

  • First and foremost, your character must have no knowledge of things that they shouldn't. Which is basically what the player had learned by watching other threads OoC'ly, or if they'd been KO'd mid-fight and something happened. NO. NOT ALLOWED. Unless you're a mind reader and MIND READERS AREN'T ALLOWED. I think.
  • Secondly, get hit once in a while. You're not a bloody ninja, they're not allowed. I think. And unless you're undead you'd get tired and make mistakes now and then. So, minimum, you get hit once every six attacks. Also, do NOT use your strongest attack after every five dodges. It's at least a guaranteed graze, so that's just exploiting. Don't dodge so well that you could dodge rain as it falls if you wanted.
  • Thirdly, yes, yes, we all want to win. We all want to be the best. So sometimes we ignore the rules a little to bend things to our favour a bit. This is not the Matrix, people (not quite anyway), you can't catch bullets and throw them back at others, you can't block a hammer with a toothpick. You can't last being barbequed for 61 turns if you're weak to fire. Physics DO apply. Game physics, though. Knockback, stumbles, blocks, block-breaks. THINK. Act like your character would. You can jump high but not to the moon. You can't block a fireball 50 feet across with a cheesegrater. You cannot dodge Kenshiro's attack, you know the one. You cannot do > THIS <
  • NOTHING is undodgable AND unblockable. You must give your opponents a chance to respond so that they don't get killed. (Usually undodgable, unblockable attacks are the nukes.) And, well, I've been dead before in this and it's not fun. Death is loud, so you don't want to stay around him much. Be reasonable. You can't always hit either, you can't always hit directly. A hit doesn't have to be direct, it could be a graze. Take SOME damage now and then.
  • Assumptions are BAD. Don't assume others know exactly what you're on about if there's more than, say, two or three ways of taking things. And if you do pull something random, explain yourself. If you start charging a spell, let us know! We need to know how long your spell charges for! If you leave people thinking "How the Heaven'd they do that?", then it gets confusing, arguments start, tempers are risen, wrists are slapped. Don't assume people know what you know, make it at least somewhat clear how you did things to players. Even an OoC comment would do.

This isn't a comprehensive list, but please, stick to this, this will avoid the majority of the conflicts. And don't completely exploit things to your advantage, because curbstomps are never fun for the person getting stomped. Give people a chance to fight back. Personally, I'm going to be very harsh on people who curbstomp others. So watch it.

Inventory and stuff. :T

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