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Status ailments. Empty Status ailments.

Post by Pion Laversti on Thu 26 Jan - 3:43

Well now nothing in RPG-style, or based off of one, would be complete with a whole WHACK of bloody annoy status ailments! Yes, that's right, STATUS AILMENTS.

Poison! I'm pretty sure you've had a lot of experiences with this nasty bugger. Well, in this, because we're nice, it's not TOO virulent, it knocks off about 4-5% of your HP per turn, but it lasts about 5 turns, give or take. Poison can't be applied in stacks, and any new poison effects just overwrite the previous one!

Bleed! Oh no, you're bleeding profusely! You're losing HP at about 3-5% per turn! AND you can have multiple stacks of it! Careful! But it wears off quick-quick compared to poison, only lasting 2-3 turns, usually!

Curse! You've been cursed by the Phlebetonium of the match, your opponent has done something to you, spells are harder to cast, why, because you're losing MP at a rapid clip! About 8% per turn, and it lasts about 4-5 turns, wow, mages watch out for this one!

Blind! Oh dear, you can't see as well now! Your physical attacks now have a 50% chance to miss altogether! Good luck hitting your enemies! Luckily this doesn't last that long, usually about 3-4 turns, if that!

Silence! Ah, the bane of mages everywhere. You can't speak, you can't cast spells that rely on you to talk! Other stuff like alchemy circles or anything that doesn't need you to speak work well, but you can't cast spells that need you to talk for about 4-5 turns!

Clumsy! You fumble a lot more! There's a 50% chance for you casting the magic completely awry! And a 10% chance that it explodes in the your face! Lasts about 3 turns, until you get your bearings again!


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