Points! What are they and what do they do?

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Points! What are they and what do they do? Empty Points! What are they and what do they do?

Post by Pion Laversti on Tue 7 Feb - 12:01

Well now, this is quite confusing for people who're new here, but we have a 'reward system' of sorts, for people who are around a lot... Well let me try to de-obfusciate everything for you.

  • Points are given to people for partaking in the roleplay.

You get one for every in-character post you make, as in, basically everywhere but Off-Topic / Out of Character Area, and you get five for each new topic you make in in-character areas. And you get five points every day, just 'cause we love you~

  • Points aren't just for show. They actually have a use.

Yeah, unlike some other places, we actually use these... We let you buy things in Our Shops.
The Apothecary is where you can buy potions, the typical healing ones, but also weapon-like potions that you can damage enemies with. They're elementally aligned though, and have differing effects, too.
The Blacksmith is where you can buy weaponry, basically! Perhaps we'll get some armour sometime. Not sure though.
The Library is where mages will spend most of their time buying things. For this is where they can buy and make spells!
The Jewelry Shop is where you can buy accessories. These mostly deal with elemental resistances and stuff like that, just to help you not get flash-frozen when you get whacked with an ice spell, or fried with a fireball, etc.
The Sanctum is where you can get more unusual services. You can get items blessed and enchanted here, as well as other things such as relic weapons and lotto boxes. More on the lotto boxes later.
The Dojo is a new addition. Here you can 'level up' your skills for a cost in points, well... the skills for this new relative stat system anyway.

  • Posting isn't the only way to gain points...

In the Sanctum, we have the ability to buy lotto boxes. These are quite neat, in all honesty. Pay 50 points to get a chance to win quite a chunk of stuff : Materials for crafting, Blessing stones, Jewels and Enchant stones to add effects and elements to your items, Vouchers to get free stuff from the shops, and even more points, if you get lucky! There's a catch though. You can only get one of these per day. But there are double- and triple-boxes too. Which cost a good chunk each, but they basically let you get 2 or 3 boxes per day!

  • Well, may as well tell you how to get things!

Some people were a bit iffy on how to go about buying things. Well, basically, if you're new, make a thread in the appropriate shop (Blacksmith for weapons, Library for spells, etc.), no need to worry about the name, just call it what you want! But don't post in someone else's thread, that's just rude. Make your own (you'll get points for it.) And then just say what you want! If you've enough points, then well and good, you'll get a reply from an admin and they'll take the payment, you'll get your stuff! (You can also sell things back for half the price it would have cost to make, too, y'know~)

  • One last thing.

You can't buy something mid-match and suddenly pull it out to slap your opponent with it. If you didn't have it at the start of a match, then you don't have it until the end of a match. You can shop all you want, aye, you just can't add things to your inventory as soon as you buy them, and you're in a fight. That's called cheating.

Inventory and stuff. :T

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