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Roleplaying Guidlines. Empty Roleplaying Guidlines.

Post by Alaric Frey on Fri 6 Jan - 22:37

Its been brought to my attention that we forgot to post these, so lets rectify that.

1. All attacks in a battle must be COUNTER ABLE. This doesn't mean you have to find a way for the opponent to dodge, un-dodgeable moves are fine. However, the opponent MUST be given a chance to block or dodge it. This means no attack can hit the same post it was launched.

2. Due to the nature of forum posting, there are some times where people have to wait for the opponent to post. Therefore, to make it fair, you MUST post within 48 hours. If you dont, any attack that was launched in the last post WILL BE ALLOWED TO HIT WITHOUT A CHANCE OF COUNTER. This also means if the attack is deadly, the opponent is allowed to kill you with no chance of counter as well.

3. If a topic as 3 or more posters, you must post in order. This means you cannot post until every other person has posted once, in the same order you posted in. for example, if person 1 and person 2 are posting, following 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, and person 3 joins in after person 1 posts, it will then become 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2. The same goes for four people, five, etc.

4. You cannot join a topic unless you have the TOPIC CREATORS permission. This counts for all rps, not just battles.

5. While there is no required word count for posts (yet) PLEASE at least try to have as long and descriptive posts as you can.

6. You may only be in one RP topic, and one Battle Topic at the same time. Also, the Battle Topic must take place in your character's timeline AFTER the RP topic. Information from the battle topic cannot be used int he RP topic, but information from the RP topic CAN be used in the battle topic. This is to prevent time paradoxes. Also, if your character dies in a Battle Topic while it is in an RP topic, the character IS allowed to finish the RP topic, but that is the last RP topic the character can do, unless the character is later revived at the tower. If your character dies in a battle topic, and is in an rp topic, it CANNOT start a tower topic until the rp topic is finished. Your character cannot be in a battle in both the time rift and one of the battlegrounds.

7. If a character dies, it is not allowed to start a topic in anything but the Tower. This means that even though the time rift is technically non canon, a dead character can still not fight in it.

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Roleplaying Guidlines. Empty Re: Roleplaying Guidlines.

Post by Lucif Belmont on Fri 6 Jan - 22:39

Made this a global announcement so that it may be seen on all boards.
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