Rules on Grappling Range

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Rules on Grappling Range Empty Rules on Grappling Range

Post by Lucif Belmont on Sun 8 Jan - 18:17

I would just like to set fourth a few rules on grappling range.

When a character is within grappling range, it is near-impossible for them to dodge attacks, meaning that techniques SHOULD hit. However, do not make it an auto-hit, give them a chance to respond. But when you respond to someone who hit you while in grappling range, please take into account just how close they are to you.

In addition, if you move into grappling range, your opponent gets the first hit in that range. This is in order to prevent someone from instantly grabbing someone and throwing them across the room. It will allow for them to counter in a way they see fit.

As an aside, I should have typed this up so much earlier. Whoops.
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