Explanation of the point system, and the shop section!

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Explanation of the point system, and the shop section! Empty Explanation of the point system, and the shop section!

Post by Demon Master Amadeus on Fri 13 Jan - 6:26

Well, since I recently added a special shop section to the forum, I suppose I should explain it.

First off, monsters will NOT drop money. I'm sorry, but that is too random. Instead, we have a point system. There are a few ways to get points.

1. Make topics. Making a topic in every forum BUT the shop section and the offtopic section will get you 5 points.

2. Post. Every post you make will give you 1 point, however, it must not be in the off topic or shop section.

3. Every day since your account was created, you will get 5 points.

4. Once we get more players and characters, the Bounty Board will open up. These will have special missions you must do. Each mission will have a Point reward.

5. Occasionally we will hold forum events. These events will usually involve winning points and items.

Now, onto the shops.

The four shops currently in existence are the Apothecary, The Blacksmith, The Library, and The Sanctum.

Each section will have a sticky showing what goods are available and what they do/cost. To buy something, you must open a shop topic with the title following this format: "Buyers Name"'s "Shop Name" topic.

For example, for me, buying from the library, i would post "Deus' Library Topic". Every time you buy something, you must post it in this topic.

Once you do, an admin will then approve the purchase, and subtract the point cost from your point total. Then your character will be able to use it.

In the sanctum, there is an option to spend 1000 points to get a "Relic Weapon." These are very powerful weapons, however, which one you get, and its effects, are entirely random. These weapons will usually come with a name and history, and will be automatically approved when posted.

Also in the Sanctum, you can buy "Mercenary" Cards for 500 points. This allows you to create a "Backup" character you can use on the account. These characters must be approved like any other, and will be put into the "Backup" Character section.

Hope this helps!

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