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Post by Demon Master Amadeus on Tue 10 Jan - 0:22

For those who just joined and dont know the story, consider this a neat little lesson.

Valachia, the 15th century.

The world is in a constant state of Flux. Every 100 years, the dark Vampire Lord Dracula is revived, and every 100 years, the Belmont clan has trained to kill him and prevent him from taking over the world. This cycle had continued for centuries, never being disturbed, and never being broken.

However, that soon changes, as at the dawn of the 15th century, merely 20 years after his last revival, Dracula threatens to be revived early. To combat this, the Belmonts choose their most powerful young warrior, Lucif Belmont, to take on the role of killing him.

But, unbeknownst to them, The Circle of Evil, the dark faction that seeks to revive Dracula, has elected their own leader, and has begun recruiting the children of the night to fight back. The leader of this faction, George Sinclaire the Demi-human, soon begins to amass the darkness that resides in Valachia.

Not long after, both sides get a few promising members. Shayd Verdant, a vampire who has forsaken his nature and his instinct to fight against Dracula joins up with Lucif, his partner Gen ready to assist him. On the Circle's side, the Devil forgemaster Amadeus Isaac joins as well, ready to summon forth hellish minions to fill Valachia and bring it to its knees in Terror.

However, not long after, two new recruits for both sides appear. Rinn, the self proclaimed cowboy and magician, joins the Belmonts, if not simply because he doesnt now where he should be instead. Sameal, the dark weredragon, joins the Circle to allow him to combat and kill as many humans as possible.

Some times passes, and soon, Lucif and George meet on the battlefield. A bloody and violent battle occurs, but ends when Lucif's holy attack, Grand Cross, and George's dark and unholy attack, Bleak Crucifix clash, causing them both to be corrupted by the other. They both limp back to their castles, resting.

Some time after, Amadeus and Lucif meet on the field of battle. Thier battle is also a long and gruesome one, but in the middle of it, the Dark power of the Bleak Crucifix starts to take ahold of Lucif's soul, and egged on by Amadeus' dark power, it grows and starts to corrupt his being.

Later, Lucif and Shayd head into the Crimson Forest, acting on intel that George is inside. Once they find George, the two of them fight ferociously against him, until Rinn steps in. Rinn claims the fight is unfair, and forces the two to split up, Lucif to fight against Rinn and his corruption, and Shayd to take on George alone.

Lucif, after scaring off Rinn, slowly starts to give into his darker half, remembering Amadeus' words. He slowly starts walking, seemingly to rejoin Shayd. However, before he can get there, Shayd delivers a powerful blow using a Cross Boomerang to the Grand Cross embedded in his chest, causing the holy magic to overtake his being, transforming him into a powerful Fallen Angel. George, in this new frightening form, seeks to destroy Shayd with a powerful attack, but at the last second, Lucif steps in, not to save Shayd, but to kill him himself!

Lucif, now taken over by the corrupting Bleak Crucifix, delivers a powerful blow using the Vampire Killer, mortally wounding Shayd, but before he can deliver the final blow, George, in a blind rage, attacks Lucif ferociously. Gen, using the battle between the two as cover, Secrets Shayd back to Castle Belmont, and once Lucif knocks George out, returning him to normal, they both head back to Castle Dracula, Lucif officially betraying his own family.

Shayd, now in desolate and mortal pain, is granted the throne until a suitable replacement is found.

Meanwhile, in Castle Dracula, Amadeus comes up with a brilliant plan. Using a special Coffin his Great Grandfather, Isaac used, he could use Lucif as a sacrifice to bring Dracula back. George quickly agrees, and sends Amadeus to find it. However, for Lucif to be a fitting host for Dracula, his soul must be tainted black. Amadeus has a solution for this as well, and teaches Lucif a dreaded Technique, the Soul Steal. Now, by stealing the souls of innocent people, Lucif can corrupt himself, and make himself darker.

Not long after, and maybe even while this plotting is taking place, Sameal the weredragon is wandering through the forest, and is ambushed by Rinn. While the two fight, they activate a Golem that was hidden inside it. After the Battle, Rinn, in an astounding show of kindness and compassion, tries to pull Sameal out of the way of it as the golem collapses. However, Sameal takes this as an attack, and after the Golem falls, kills Rinn.

In Castle Dracula, dissension begins to occur amongst the ranks, Amadeus starting to view George as weak, and therefore not a fitting ruler for the Circle of Evil. To keep an eye on him, he creates a Devil Shard, infusing it with a bit of his own lifeforce before giving it to George, disguised as a peace offering. Lucif, suspecting foul play from Amadeus, as well as expecting Sameal to abandon Dracula and just kill humans himself, sends them both to the Poisoned Lake.

Amadeus, after revealing his plans to Sameal, and learning that Sameal indeed does not show Loyalty to Dracula then attacks Sameal, and after a short, but violent battle, kills him, but not before Sameal utters sacred words to his brother in the tongue of dragons. Soon, Sameal's body is buried in the castle graveyard, Amadeus lieing and stating that it was a merman attack.

Death soon comes for both Sameal and Rinn, but only Rinn accepts the game Death offers to win back his life.

Back in the castle, due to a shortage of warriors, and their leader being mortally wounded, Lucif's younger brother, John, steps up, offering to join the ranks. At nearly the same time, Sameal's brother, Attor, a dragon of light instead of shadow, joins the Belmonts, hoping to take revenge on Castle Dracula for the death of his brother.

Lucif however, has been busy, using his Soul Steal ability to devour the souls of villagers around Valachia, growing in darkness and power. However, once such trip to find an innocent soul to devour, Lucif finds himself meeting with his younger brother, John. John demands to know why Lucif has betrayed them, but soon words come to blows when the brothers take to the streets fighting.

Lucif uses the power of his darkness and the dark item crashes he possesses to attack his brother, and only John's Valor Eye allows him to survive. In the end, Soul Steal and Valor Eye clash, causing Lucif to lose one arm, and lose control of the other. However, the high cost of Valor Eye takes John, and John remains in the village for days, writhing in agony.

Lucif quickly returns to Castle Dracula, and with Amadeus' help, consumes enough souls from monsters to heal his arms. But not all is bad, as Amadeus gleefully reports that he has found the coffin. However, George is infuriated that he was not told, and demands Amadeus to meet him in the throne room to explain. While there, the Demon Shard that Amadeus gave him hatches.

Lucif then goes on another soul hunting voyage, worried that his brothers attacks may have purified him somewhat. After attacking two villages, one of which was able to force him to retreat, he devours the soul of a pregnant woman, who's last name just happens to be Sinclaire. He comes back to Castle Dracula, and tells this to Amadeus. As the conversation turns to George, both Lucif and Amadeus reveal that neither of them view George as a competent leader, and hope to get him and John to fight, hoping that a clash of Valor Crucifix and Bleak Crucifix will cause them to switch sides, putting John with them, and George with the Belmonts.

However, George confronts them afterwords, only hearing the very end of the conversation, but becomes very suspicious. He warns the two that killing him may result in Dracula becoming very angry at them, and leaves to finish healing. Amadeus and Lucif part ways, and the world of Valachia shakes under the terror of what is to come.

Soon after, Lucif found his way into a very special village, although he didn't know it yet. Inside it he found a very unique girl, Sarah, who happened to be his brother's beloved! She had received a letter she assumed came from Castle Belmont, but had actually been faked by Amadeus to fool her into believing that John was dead, and that his final wish was for her to find new love. Lucif took advantage of this to get her alone, before giving her a deep kiss and draining her of her soul. Before he skipped town, he also found a lone child playing in the street, and after drawing him into the safety of an alley, consumed his soul as well, it causing his darkness to increase further, it nearing the level needed for him to be an adequate vessel for Dracula...

Not very long after, Lucif found the soul he needed in the form of a powerful warrior priest. A valiant but short fight ensued, and soon the priest's soul fed Lucif's darkness, and Lucif now became dark enough to be the host for Lord Dracula. The Ritual was readied and soon, Deus and John met on the field of combat. They both fought long and hard, but in the end, Deus was able to knock John out, and bring him to the site of Dracula's revival.

John was forced to watch as his brother walked into the coffin, and Dues cast the dark spell required to seal the bond and restore Dracula to power. The ritual didnt take long, and soon, John was forced to watch its finish. Enraged, John's Valor Sight activated on its own, his rage and courage fueling it so greatly it seemed to have no limits. Deus quickly spirited the coffin away as George stayed to combat the enraged Belmont.

The Battle didnt not end easily, however, in the end, the good spirit inside George succumbed to its better judgement, and he poured his holy power into John, before swiftly delivering a series of blows to knock out and incapacitate the small boy. By then, the Coffin that contained Lord Dracula was brought to the castle. Soon, after a small spell was cast, Dracula himself was reborn! Soon joined by Deus, George, and a new recruit in the form of the Reptilian Blood Mage Pion, Dracula slowly enacted his various plans, putting a Seal on George and sending Deus off to deliver a letter to John, as well as start looking for the various ingredients to make the Ebony Stone.

John soon made it back to his castle, and found the letter. Enraged by the audacity of Dracula to ask him to meet him in his castle after all Dracula had done to him, he quickly rushed there, cutting down anything in his path, before meeting the dark lord in his own home. Dracula quickly proposed an offer John could not refuse, The whip of alchemy in exchange for John becoming a vampire. John reluctantly agreed, Dracula delivering the bite himself. Not too long after, when it came John's turn to feed, Dracula offered his own blood. This, and the promise that Lucif still resides in Dracula caused John to renounce his oath to his family and instead join forces with Dracula.

Thus ends the Prologue for the RP! Next post will be Chapter 1: Forging of the Ebony Stone
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